Yoga is the practice of connecting the body, breath and mind by bringing total awareness into the present moment. As our schedule reflects, there are many different styles of Yoga. The benefits of these diverse practices can include increased strength and flexibility, improved posture and range of motion, along with opportunities to sharpen mental focus. Every class ends with time for rest and relaxation, making Yoga the perfect compliment to any self-care routine.

While some practices incorporate a movement with each breath, other classes involve postures that are held for anywhere from a few breaths to several minutes. In all of our Yoga classes, practitioners have access to a variety of tools or ‘props’ such as bolsters, blocks, cushions and straps that allow everyone to customize their Yoga practice. Our instructors serve as guides, inviting each individual to practice in a manner that honors their personal well-being. All are welcomed here.


A spin class like no other

We provide a low impact, full body workout with high intensity cardio and muscle-sculpting strength training. We ride together with rhythm-based choreography that will ROCK your world and get you moving. YOU always control the intensity of your ride while our motivators support you push you to give it your all.

We ride together: We sweat together: We are together.


Touted as an industry game-changer, the Revkor™ workout delivers rapid results. Designed to meet all your fitness and movement needs, Revkor™ sequences incorporate suspension-based resistance training with a range of movements inspired by Yoga, functional fitness and boot camp. Most importantly, you’ll build muscle, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular conditioning, all while building unparalleled core and joint stability. Outer strength creates inner power. Revkor™ will change how you feel instantly.

We live in a dynamic world. We need a workout to match. Revkor is a workout designed for real life. Not only will you look and feel sensational, you’ll be building a body that takes you strongly through the activities of your life. How does this work? It’s a magic relationship between the dynamic Revkor™ systems and some of the smartest, strongest sequencing available in the world of fitness. Our workouts ask more from your body, teaching it to move efficiently and building the kind of strength that used to be reserved just for athletes. The bands both challenge and assist you, helping you maintain optimal form while working your body in ways you’ve never experienced. Is Revkor™ right for you? Depends…do you want to look and feel stronger and more vibrant than ever? Revkor™ students show up at all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness. The benefits and features are vast.


Our barre classes incorporate hand weights, core strengthening exercises, isometrics and sequencing at the Barre for a workout that tones, strengthens and lengthens the entire body. With a strong emphasis on proper alignment and targeted stretching included within each sequence, the body achieves a balance between strength and flexibility leading to improved posture and endurance. Classes are choreographed to upbeat music to keep you moving and having fun from start to finish.


The program combines rotational core training with isometric movements to build a long lean torso, and elevates the heart rate to torch fat with Wave Runners, Shark Kicks, Duck Dives and of course the signature surf move.. the Pop-up. All of the exercises are beach inspired & total-body, and include strength, cardio and flexibility based movements. The instability of the SURFSET® board improves athleticism by constantly causing core muscles to react to a dynamically shifting platform. A single SURFSET® session can burn anywhere from 500-900 calories in just 45 minutes.. the same results you would get from a few hours of surfing.


A surfer is lean without looking weak, and muscular without the bulk. Sharp muscle lines are perfectly symmetrical, and overall body balance creates that enviable athletic physique. Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens the lower back muscles, and increases cardiovascular fitness. Duck-diving through waves builds arm strength: tricep strength in particular. The pop-up maneuver engages the core and pectoral muscles, and helps to build explosive power. And the actual process of standing and riding the wave increases leg strength, flexibility, and engages all the postural muscles.