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Lindsay Saville

Lindsay started her journey into the Yoga world when she was suffering from a shoulder injury. She soon discovered the benefits and that practicing the discipline had made a major difference in her shoulder functions. It didn’t take her long to fall in love with the practice and the lifestyle.
Growing up, Lindsay was always a competitive person – if you told her she couldn’t do it, she would do whatever it took to prove that she could. Still to this day, she is still holding strong to that stubbornness and pushing herself to be the best that she can be. She decided to participate in the Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon which consisted of a 42 km run across the capitol city. With blistered and bleeding feet, she completed the race proving her determination to realize the goal she had set for herself. Yoga is not a competitive practice but it is a never ending practice which Lindsay takes to heart. She is constantly learning new techniques, further educating herself, and challenging her body to new levels.
In 2012 she decided to do her RTY Teacher Training Curse at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico which consisted of 200 hours in 16 days. In 2013 she traveled to London, Ontario to take individual training from the Founder Angela Rivard for RevYOGA which she continued her individual training in other specific forms of Revkor until 2015.
After completing her training in Ontario, she continued to develop her skills and challenged herself to a new adventure in the fitness industry. She became the first certified instructor in Lloydminster for SURFSET Fitness in 2015.
Once Lindsay completed her Yoga, Revkor and SURFSET training she saw the potential it had and it prompted her to open her own studio. With her training, she could offer something new, exciting innovative and exclusive along with something traditional to our community. Lindsay truly enjoys teaching and loves helping her clientele grow in their learning as well. Throughout her journey she has had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who inspire her every day.

Lindsay’s Training:


  • RevYOGA
  • RevMIX
  • RevSPORT
  • RevFLOW
  • RevCOMBO

  • SURFSET Balance
  • SURFSET Burn
  • SURFSET Build
  • SURFSET Blend

  • 200 RYT – Yandora
  • Ashtanga – Kino MacGregor

Malcom Radke

It was slow at first. An over-thinker since the start, my mind was always frantically buzzing and I was open to anything that would help slow it down a bit. My experiment with meditation started out as just a couple minutes in the morning with a timer on my phone as a way to get centered and set my day off on the right foot. Soon enough I was hooked! At work, my days felt more focused and productive, and away from the office I found myself more in tune with my mind and body. Days just simply went better when I could get stillness in the morning – even if only for a few minutes. Since then I’ve tried many different forms of meditation, and it’s become the daily centrepiece of my morning routine. I’ve also learned how to help guide others along in their sessions and in March became a certified teacher through Lifestyle Meditation.
If you’re intimidated, just remember – meditation is simply centering your awareness on something (like your breathing), staying with it, noticing when – not if – you’ve become distracted, then returning to the centre of your awareness. That’s it! That’s a meditation rep. The goal is not to become completely free of thoughts because that’s impossible, but rather to simply notice thoughts happening along with everything else going on in yourself. There are no tools needed – it is completely within, just you and your real self.
The differences are subtle at first, but meditation literally changes the physical form of your brain. The pre-frontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that deals with higher order processes like language and logic, grows in size while the ‘fight or flight’ area of your brain known as the amygdala gradually becomes smaller. Some fairly reputable studies are starting to surface to back this up. Meditators often slowly begin to notice shifts in how they react to everyday stresses and emotions, commonly reporting a ‘space’ between the external event and their reaction to it.
And don’t worry – if you fancy yourself an over-thinker, you’ll soon be able to harness that busy mind and use it as the gift it really is. Whether you’re a high-level performer, an everyday busy-bee, or someone with an illness, meditation will benefit you in one way or another. Come try it out!

Daniela Tobler

Power Hatha Daniela received her teaching certification in 2006 at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Centre. Sivananda style is summarized in 5 points: Proper Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, Diet and Positive Thinking/Meditation. Daniela enjoys traveling and learning various techniques and styles as her practice evolves. She focuses her classes a bit more to the physically challenging side in order to help open the energy channels. She’s hoping to motivate the lethargic and calm the over active.

Rikki Ducharme

Rikki Ducharme was certified in 200 hour RTY with Yandara Yoga Training institute in Baja Mexico July of 2014. However, she found her first Yoga class and studio in Calgary, Alberta in 2003 and fell in love with the practice. The studio was an Ashtanga Yoga studio and fit extremely well with her active personality. Through the practice of Yoga, she discovered how patience, discipline and love can transform not only your body but your spirit. Now, she practices traditional Yoga, meditation, Yin Yoga, and hot Yoga and is constantly discovering how Yoga can change and enhance your life.

It has always been in Rikki’s nature to want to help others. After becoming certified in Reflexology she discovered, in her clients, that what they really needed was someone they could trust. Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher amplified her ability to help others and once certified as a Yoga instructor, Rikki incorporated all her teachings together, building Yoga classes that are truly unique and have the client’s best interest in mind. Whether it be a reiki session or Yin Yoga class, the atmosphere is one of pure mindfulness and warmth.
A certified 200 hr RTY, reiki master/ teacher, reflexologist.

Dusty McClellan

Dusty’s yogi journey began in April of 2014 and from there he continued to practice Yoga until deciding to do more training in Mexico, December 2014 at the Yandara Yoga Institute which consisted of a 16 day program including the practice of techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Anatomy, Physiology, Yogic Philosophy, Ethics and Life-Style and Teacher Practicum.
What drew Dusty to Yoga was that he wanted a new challenge, what he found was a lifelong practice filled with discipline and enlightenment.
The reason Dusty started to practice Yoga was to create more balance and harmony continuing to expand his awareness. Yoga has shown him to be a great healer from calming the mind to taming the body, finding more control each day deepening his connection with all life everywhere, which has shown him many paths to peace love and happiness.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Yandara Yoga Institute
Reiki Level 1 and 2

Sheri Garnier

My yoga journey began about 20 years ago and in essence, has taught me how to remain grounded during this roller coaster called life!  I received my 200 hour teacher training through Gaiatri Yoga in Calgary.  From there, I have been fortunate enough to study my advanced teacher training in Bali, Indonesia and in Iceland!

Combining the physical postures of yoga with pranayama (breath work) and meditation, my teaching focuses on alignment and connecting the mind with the body and soul.  “Yoga is the human quest for remembering our true nature, our deepest selves”.

If you were to ask me what to expect from one of my classes….I would reply like this:  Expect to meet yourself on your mat, exactly where you are.  Do not compare yourself to anyone in the room.  Be prepared to sink deep into your heart, to challenge your mind and to stretch your body.  All levels are welcome.

I hope to see you soon!

Chasity Dougan

Being a busy mom of 3, I wanted to find something for myself. I’ve always been a bit of a gym rat and thought that was the perfect direction for me. I took my AFLCA in February of 2014 and was excited to help others in their health and fitness journey. From there I completed my group training in Portable Equipment, Spin Group Exercise and SURFSET Fitness. I am eager to try and learn new things, come join me!!! Hope to see you all on the Surfboard!

Jenny Dodman

My yoga journey began in 2010 with Pamela Sexsmith. Having a background in synchronized swimming, I quickly grew addicted to this wonderful new workout that challenged both my strength and flexibility. After some dedication, I soon found more than just the physical benefits of the practice; I found effervescence all around me. I looked forward to every opportunity to practice and that feeling is still with me six years later. I recently finished my instructor training in Baja, Mexico at Yandara Yoga Institute and am so excited to share my yoga journey with you!

Melanie Genge

We welcome Melanie Genge to our team of instructors!!! Rooted firmly in traditional yogic teachings, Melanie offers a strong, alignment based physical practice while adeptly tuning in to the subtler needs of her students on an emotional, mental energetic level. There is a mystical quality around Mel herself – brave and yet warm – a compelling combination that keeps her students both intrigued and intensely loyal. Find tutorials and videos by mel on her youtube channel at Spirit Warrior TV

Miranda Bachman

I have been a competitive dance for over 20 years, and actually found my love for yoga through dance. After graduating high school and taking a year off dance I need to find something that would help me keep my flexibility and strength and yoga was what I found. After practicing yoga for some time and feeling like I was doing the exact opposite of what I wanted to do with my job, I decided to quit my job and go to Baja Mexico where I received my 200 hour yoga certification from the Yandara Yoga institute. A 26 day program including the practice of techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Anatomy, Physiology, Yogic Philosophy, Ethics and Life-Style and Teacher Practicum. Yoga gives me a great sense of peace and calming, it teaches me to continually challenge myself as well as clear my mind and bring more awareness to my body and spirit.
200 hr
Zumba gold
Zumba Basic
CDTA ballet associate member

Sue Garand

I am a certified Can Fit Pro and AFLCA group fitness instructor/personal trainer. I am addicted to the natural endorphin high my classes bring!!

I am certified and have been teaching Turbokick for about 7 years now. This class is a fun, high impact cardio class with tons of punches and kicks to burn major calories and keep the core solid and strong! I am also certified and have been teaching PiYo for about 1 1/2 years now. I love the strength and flexibility this class brings. Huge benefits to the body strength wise but maintaining major flexibility which is so important. This class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates and it is amazing!

Check out PiYo or Turbokick on Youtube to see what we do in class and what its all about!!

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